Did you know that 95% of the thoughts you think today are the same exact thoughts you thought yesterday? 

That’s because your subconscious mind is like the hard drive of a computer. Its job is to collect data. If you don’t update the software, it will continue to run on the old programming.

The reason why you can’t change certain aspects of your life or your emotional state of being is not your fault. You are trying to make changes on a conscious level, but that doesn’t work! The change must happen on the subconscious level.

That is why you need The Mantra Meditation Method™. This unique method goes to work on your subconscious immediately! 

The only way to make the changes you want is to reprogram YOUR history, YOUR story, YOUR limiting beliefs. That’s why generic meditations, mantras, and affirmations don’t work. They’re not personalized. You need something that has been created JUST FOR YOU!

Through the repetition of doing this process on a daily basis, you will:
  • Start manifesting better health, deeper relationships, massive money and success, improved confidence, and more happiness!
  • ​Clear away limiting beliefs, mental blocks, and negative thinking
  • ​Create happiness in every area of your life
  • ​Attract everything you want in your life with so much more ease, grace and fun!

The Mantra Meditation Method™ is offered as part of The 30 Day Rapid Mindset Shift Program. Private coaching with Diane will help escalate your results even faster!

What is the Mantra Meditation Method?

It’s a wonderful process where you, along with Diane, do a complete assessment first, called the “Desired Life Design.” This assessment will help Diane unlock where you could be blocking your success and happiness, while simultaneously focusing on creating your “Desired Life.” Diane will help bridge the gap from where you are now to where you’d like to be. She will help you get all the clarity, focus and direction you need.

Following the “Desired Life Assessment” Diane will take all the information from the 90 Minute Session together, and she will create your very own, “Personalized Mantra Meditation.” This is an audio recording, typically 5-10 minutes in length, delivered directly to you.

All you need to do…is listen. The Mantra Meditation will do the work for you!

This process is amazing! Because it’s customized and personalized to YOU…your story, your loved ones, your goals and dreams…it works so much better and faster than any generic mantra mediations! Her clients absolutely love them!

The final phase of the program is you get 3 additional private coaching sessions with Diane following the receipt of your Mantra Mediation so that she can help you create the roadmap and path to your goals and dreams. Diane will provide you all the support you need to get you to that next level.

(Note: Due to the amount of time Diane devotes to creating and producing the Mantra Meditations, orders are done on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

Meet Diane Forster

I've Been Helping Women Reinvent and Live with Intention, Personally and Professionally, Since My Own Reinvention. There Are Things That I Can See In You That You Can’t See For Yourself! You’re WAY More Talented…and NEEDED…Than You Give Yourself Credit For! With the Current “New” Reality That We’re Living In, If You Don’t Step Up…You Will Be Left Behind! Your Time is TODAY to Start Making The Difference, Impact, Income and Legacy You Were Born to Make! I Can Help You…Do You Want My Help?
  • Multiple Award Winning Life & Mindset Coach
  • ​Award Winning Inventor featured on QVC
  • ​​2x Best-Selling Author
  • ​TV Host and TEDx Speaker

What people are saying:

" Wow! Wow! Wow! You blew my mind. You totally channeled my soul."

Stephanie Lucas - Fashionista Matchmaker

“Diane did more for me in 30 days than 10 years of therapy! She gets all of that stuff out of your head and cleans it up. She makes you think way bigger. I can't believe the difference!” 
Leeann Iacino - Bold Life-Changer Expert
“I can’t get over how GOOD I feel already! I feel so shifted! I’m using my Mantra Meditation as part of my morning routine, and I am SO HAPPY, so I can’t imagine how much better and better it’s going to keep getting with the repetition! I LOVE it so much!” 
Marissa DeRosa Campbell - Isogenics Representative, Inventor, Restaurateur, Entrepreneur
“Diane created a Personalized Mantra Meditation for me because of some health issues I was experiencing.  One week after receiving my Mantra, my doctor told me he was shocked at how well I was healing and I would not need to have surgery after all! Diane encouraged me and worked on my mindset, and it helped me so much! Thank you so much!”

Elaine Bumanglag - CEO and Owner- Parable Candle Company
“You stopped my PTSD in one night!...and I have slept through the night ever since! I believe you extended my life because I don’t worry so much anymore!”

Cindy Brenneman - Lifestyle, Health, Wellness & Wealth Generation Coach
“I don’t know how you do it, but I can’t believe how things are all coming together. It’s really quite magical!”

Adrienne McGill - Founder, Adrienne Clarrisse
The Have It All Life Virtual Experience!
Rapid Mindset Shift Program

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  • 90 minute Desired Life Assessment Session
  • ​​Personalized Mantra Meditation (5-10 minutes in length)
  • ​3x :45 Minute Private Coaching Sessions 

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